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Set Classic Yoga Mat 3.5mm + Travel Mat 1mm

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Yoga Mat 3.5mm
Travel Mat 1mm
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Buy Classic Yoga Mat und get Travel Mat for only 14,95 € (-78% OFF)

  • Patented non-slip coating
  • Recycled PET microfiber top
  • Biodegradable 100% natural tree rubber
  • Eco-friendly water based ink

Classic Yoga Mat

  • Dimensions: 178 x 61 cm, 68 x 24 inches
  • Thick: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 2000g

Travel Yoga Mat

  • Dimensions: 178 x 61 cm, 68 x 24 inches
  • Thin: 1mm
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Machine wash cold
  • Don't use detergent, to avoid damaging non-slip coating
  • Hang it out to dry, do not dry in the dryer
  • Made of biodegradable 100% natural tree rubber and recycled PET microfiber top.
  • recyclable, hypoallergenic and contain no toxic materials
  • Part of the profit is donated to support charity projects.
  • sterke grip

  • duurzaam

  • premium kwaliteit

  • eco