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LEVEL 1: The Moon

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Level 1: the moon

Your journey starts here, get 200 Stars when you join and earn more points for completing different tasks. We'll also gift you 10€ voucher for every friend you refer to our shop.

Total Spend: 0€ - 399€
  • Give 1€
  • Get 1 Star
Level 2: The Earth

Welcome to the Earth. this is when you grow and learn. Get all the Perks of the Moon and double your points, get free shipping gifts and higher rewards.

Total Spend: 400€ - 749€
  • Give 1 €
  • Get 2 Stars
Level 3 Venus

Hold on to your cape Hero. you’re landing on Venus. this is where Yoga Hero flash sales reward themselves. Enjoy all the perks of the Moon and the Earth together with higher discounts, gifts and other extras.

Total Spend: 750€ - 1499€
  • Give 1 €
  • Get 3 Stars
Level 4: the sun

Congratulations! You reached the highest level of your yoga journey and enjoy all our gifts and bonuses.

Total Spend: 1500€ +
  • Give 1 €
  • Get 4 Stars