What is the purpose of life?

Life can be so frustrating when a deeper dimension is missing. That is knowing yourself, the ability to become still and present.  To look at someone or something without imposing immediate positive or negative judgement on him/her.

You are never more essentially yourself than when you are still. When you are still, you can sense yourself as a presence.

This is your TRUE IDENTITY. You do good and enjoy yourself, without demanding of someone to make you happy. That is a terrible demand to say to a person “make me happy”. A recipe for disaster. MAKE ME HAPPY usually means make me unhappy and ends in divorce. Anything you expect to make you happy will make you happy shortly perhaps. Nothing can  give you lasting happiness accept that space of presence, where is peace and joy within you. Then the world isn’t a frustrating place. Challenges still come, but you deal with them more peacefully and create no drama or unhappiness.

I believe the common purpose of our life is to embody THAT.

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