Episode 1

Episode #1: Meet the Hosts

Lyla Senger & Grant Gallicano

Lyla Senger : Hey everybody my name is Ly.

Grant Gallicano : And my name is Grant. And we're here for the Yoga Hero Podcast. So Yoga Hero if you want to check them out, I'll give you, their website. It's yoga-hero.com. And the interesting thing about this company is it's not just a yoga clothing line. Which is my thought when I first actually saw it. They actually have, well they live up to their name one of the things on their website if you want to check it out. They have a be a hero program. But we'll talk about that later, as it is right now, we'll actually bring attention back to the clothing because I noticed that lee is actually wearing some yoga hero clothing.

Lyla Senger : Yes, yes, I'm wearing their bra and I actually have their mat in the background because my yoga studio is set up back there. So I'm pretty decked out in Yoga Hero products right now. But I'm definitely not complaining because they're very comfortable and cute and I really like the designs. And another thing to mention is I'm very excited to be here on the podcast. In this podcast, we'll be interviewing each other Grant and me. But there is actually another interviewee Aya one of the founders of Yoga Hero. Which you guys will meet in a sooner or later episode.

Grant Gallicano : And as an introduction, we're basically it's actually we're almost meeting each other for the first time as well because we have a series of questions we've come up with. To actually get to know each other. And that way we'll get to know each other and also everyone else will get to know each other as well. So interestingly Lee. Can I actually just ask you a really simple quick question, of what's your experience in your background?

Lyla Senger : My experience and background like I mentioned are actually in yoga. I'm a teacher professionally teaching for the past five years or so and I'm also running my own yoga business for events with different teachers and collaborators. Where I also DJ and holds pop-up classes and events around Munich. I'm originally from the states, so there I actually have a background in finance and accounting which is very different from what I'm doing now. So I would say my background is as of now a little all over the place. But rooted in yoga, music, dee jaying, and business.

Grant Gallicano : Cool so like when I think of those like I'll see a tv show where they'll actually have some like big event with like you know some DJ like doing fancy moves on the stage. That's kind of you.

Lyla Senger : Yes, maybe not that big but yes big events we used to have which were really fun. Different parties and festivals especially in the states and around Germany which have been very, very fun to have. Some events of where I actually met Aya the founder. But yeah, that's me up there with the music and the headphones and the whole dance moves to get the party started. And bringing it into the yoga scene was also very fun so not so much dancing but more a lot more flowing. And some parts a little ecstatic dancing as well. I will return the question back to you Grant, and what is your background and experience?

Grant Gallicano : Well similar to you I have this weird shift in what happened. Because like I'm born in Canada always lived in Canada. I travel quite a bit well And my experience was I actually started out as an IT geek. So I was a computer geek I'd be the person you called when your computer didn't work. And then we had this okay we, I say we as in the royal we but really, it's me. I had a life shift where all of a sudden things got twisted around upside down. And I started searching for what else is there and I actually came across a master's in spiritual psychology with an emphasis on consciousness health and healing. Which is a mouthful part of the class being to actually learn how to say that. And that extends beyond that so I'm also an access consciousness certified facilitator. So I'm basically heavily involved in the woo-woo but not woo-woo stuff, so I've started off with woo-woo a little more I'm going to say practical of about it. So the label I give myself is a facilitator of consciousness.

Lyla Senger : Wow very cool

Grant Gallicano : Thank you

Lyla Senger : Very, very cool and how long have you been doing that for?

Grant Gallicano : Oh no timeline I have trouble figuring out what yesterday was. It's been about a decade since it shifted. So it's been interesting enough it was a book that actually was it a book because I was thinking it's like yoga was actually one of the first things that I because like I was an IT geek. There was no such thing as like any kind of like yoga, what's that right?

Lyla Senger : Which is exactly what they need in the IT world.

Grant Gallicano : I was sitting at a desk the entire time for eight hours right. Yeah so, I was one of those people with tight hips and a sore back and like you know didn't realize there was a body attached to all this stuff.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, our favorite people.

Grant Gallicano : Exactly so I did the spiritual psychology and getting into yoga about a decade ago. And then it kind of just opened my eyes and expanded into everything I never even thought was possible.

Lyla Senger : Super cool yeah, we have a lot of that at least with meditation. So but I don't think it's as I can be as scientific as you or practical.

Grant Gallicano : We do have similar results.

Lyla Senger : Fields yeah. We're in the same industry for sure. I mean we ended up here. Okay, thanks.

Grant Gallicano : Well one of the other questions was actually how you got started but I don't know if we already kicked into that for you.

Lyla Senger : How did I get started? I guess yeah, it's kind of the reversal of my background I kind of went backwards. But I would say for at least with yoga I also started a little bit over 10 years ago practicing as a student. I was just in college having free classes at the gym membership. So I started taking classes and I just really loved it. I had a really good practice I think, practicing almost every day where it became my kind of way to de-stress, especially in school. And then afterwards at my job in the accounting world. And I think a few years after that I had my first international trip by myself to a yoga retreat. And I thought for that situation it was perfect. Because I didn't really necessarily need anyone to go with. Which I think at the time I didn't have anyone who was willing to take this trip with me. And so I went to India to do a one-month course and get my teaching certificate.

And I didn't teach right away but I always had it as a backup and want to teach more and more. And I think the whole kickoff happened to mix practicing yoga starting to learn how to also DJ which was another passion of mine. I taught myself from a friend. And it somehow came into like these parties or yoga events where I was starting to DJ them, so it was like one of my favorite things to do before moving. And when I moved it kind of kick-started everything to bring it with me basically across and abroad. So that's how I, one came here and started having the events on my own and teaching more and more which was really nice too. So it was very supplementary I thought to go hand in hand and kind of follow my passions. And take the business a different viewpoint on the business side of it yeah. So that's how I started. And how you started as well, I would like to ask.

Grant Gallicano : What, I did have that life crisis it was interesting because I, you know I thought I had it all it was like you know I've got a fantastic job. I've got a nice house I've got you know a wife and a daughter. And literally, everything just kind of got turned around then it was like ooh. And then I realized I need to look for something here because what I have isn't what I was looking for. And so then literally I started with a book and then it expanded into yoga practice. And searching and I did like you know the Reiki the like I deep dived into like woo woo. So it was like Reiki Akashic records like a best practice and all these things where people are like what it's like oh these are

Lyla Senger : And they're just getting deeper and deeper.

Grant Gallicano : Exactly right so yeah and then when I came across spiritual psychology it was neat because when I, it was it's a very intensive course. And actually, I just finished assisting on a weekend course. So I'm kind of like still in that

Lyla Senger : You're on it.

Grant Gallicano : What they mentioned in the course interestingly and it kind of hit a nerve was if you do this right. Your location is going to change, your vocation is going to change, and your relationships will change. And this panics everyone because it's like what are you talking about right. When I look at it when I started and where I am now all three of those things are different yeah. So it was literally actually funny I can call it a hero's journey. Right within one place where I didn't really appreciate where I was, and I went through a lot and came out now where it's like actually life can be fun.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, that's pretty crazy I mean change is usually very, very scary for most people especially when you're changing so much. But I think when you're able to look back on it and say okay. I'm it's crazy how things come together I think in more ways than one and you realize okay. Small steps turn into really big strides, and you end up somewhere that you can either be very happy or proud of. And also very surprised at where you're. For me, I always look back and I'm always so one feeling blessed and two also feeling very in disbelief that this is my life now. But in a good way, I think most of the time.

Grant Gallicano : That's a fantastic thing to win.

Lyla Senger : Thanks

Grant Gallicano : here's another question here which is where you call home, but I think we've already covered that. So I'm wondering if we can actually dive into the meat of the situation here right.

Lyla Senger : So okay getting deeper going down.

Grant Gallicano : How do you define a hero?

Lyla Senger : My hero, I define a hero as someone that I personally would love to look up to. That I admire that also isn't exactly perfect like I don't think that's very realistic. People will make mistakes but as long as it's something they can be proud of. And you do everything to your best ability to learn from those mistakes. I think is who I at least try to surround myself with people who are really trying hard to achieve and change things who aren't stagnant. And who yeah try to spread joy and happiness either by deeds or by energy or also fulfilling their own purpose somehow. So I think those are also very woo woo like you're saying. And it's hard it's probably hard to define other than that. Or measure but I think it's a lot of like you said energy where you kind of feel-good around these people. And you are motivated to also do well and do good and be your best self. So those are probably my heroes.

Grant Gallicano : Well that's actually an interesting way to look at it. It's the idea of ​​a hero is someone that invites you to become more.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, I think it's important to well, one to always look back and be very grateful and blessed and give gratitude to wherever you are. But also to kind of have that in mind with the balance of looking forward and trying to always improve or learn or better yourself or others or process anything. So that you're constantly learning and growing and changing. So I don't know if I've ever heard of it, I mean it could also be somebody guess who's staying in the same place. Because that might take a lot of courage in a certain situation. But where however the situation is as long as you're learning from it and growing from it, I think, and overcoming challenges. Whether it's to stay in the same place or to do something completely different. I think it's very courageous.

Grant Gallicano : Well exactly the idea that the hero is really someone that actually gets a because the hero's journey is the one where you know you have your situation. You encounter an obstacle, and you actually grow as you overcome that obstacle. And then you expand into a different position.

Lyla Senger : Yes exactly

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, it's really cool, because I've never actually really examined that question before. A hero?

Lyla Senger : Yes, I mean it's for me I think it's nice to equate it to a role model. Because I mean I guess there could be other heroes as well. But at the end of the day, you want somebody who's a champion somebody you look up to and admire. And if that's not a role model I don't know what else is. But it's yeah somebody you either strive to be or motivates you to do good or be yourself as well in different ways.

Grant Gallicano : Right yeah because from my definition of a hero it's someone that's willing to change and actually in so doing actually as a leader for other people to see that the change is possible as well.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, I agree. It's funny because most heroes I would say are leaders, but I think there could be smaller lower scale heroes that are under the radar too. That could also be very admirable or also doing courageous deeds but not as necessarily leaders still just moving in a way I think.

Grant Gallicano : So I guess that we have the definition of what a leader is.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, it could also be a hero.

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, like it well because interestingly enough like a leader is just someone that actually has gone before you right.

Lyla Senger : Or can lead people yeah.

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, so like even the idea of ​​actually offering someone a smile at the right time. Like have you ever had anything in the first place they've said and said something you've done something, and it's actually completely changed your day.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, very true small deeds!

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, like it could be that you know the hero doesn't have to be like yes, I'm superman I've done these wonderful things.

Lyla Senger : Everybody follow me yeah very true. A leader can also be someone who's just making the first move.

Grant Gallicano : And as such, that can still be you know the example right.

Lyla Senger : Yeah exactly!

Grant Gallicano : The person even just opens the door for someone that is actually struggling with it. And then the next person comes along and actually I guess there's recent. there was a YouTube clip of that where something occurred, and it made someone else's day and that person made someone else's day and made someone else's day and made someone else's day and there's that chain of events. Over a little activity matters to change quite a bit.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, exactly the pay it forward concept it's very nice I mean I'm a big believer on I mean I guess you too with energy. But spreading positive energy I think it goes a long way and it definitely affects your mood. And it influences your actions. So little things I mean of course you can't always be in the best mood ever all the time. But you can definitely see a chain of events of when you're in a bad mood then the people around you are in a bad mood. If you're doing something nice and happy like it's just instant energy. Of I don't know that kind of spirals or kind of expands towards the people around you. So I think it's important to have these kinds of heroes and have these people around you in general. Even if it's not physical but at least have these kinds of goals in mind.

Grant Gallicano : So Lee from what you've told me, being you know DJ yoga person as I would actually witness you as in that role already. Because I know from my experience when I would you know I would have a day at work. And be like oh I get to go to yoga today and it would actually all of a sudden now be the highlight of the day. Yeah, and I would go there, and the instructor would actually walk through you know this is my vision because I've never sat on one of your yoga classes. So I don't correct me if I'm wrong yeah but it's the idea of ​​when you have your class there, you're looking at each individual. And seeing what kind of assistance or I don't know the word that we did use to go and actually what you're offering to your students that are there.

Lyla Senger : So the question is what is the service almost.

Grant Gallicano : I actually guess the question is how do you see yourself as a hero?

Lyla Senger : Well I think at least what I thought you were going with is, I can maybe tie it in. But what came from all of these passions which I kind of always reminds myself of. Why I got into music and why I got into yoga. Was just the same thing with energy and how it made me feel afterwards. And for me, I really loved sharing that with people especially with music I always don't think music ever not cured a bad mood. Whenever like whether it's stress or loneliness or sadness like. Whenever you're trying to feel a certain thing or go into yourself, I always use music at first. And taking it to a djing scale I just loved sharing with people on the dance floor and getting people to dance and move and have fun and party. And all the fun stuff like out when we're I guess younger.

And it kind of went hand in hand with yoga I started seeing the same thing where I just wanted to share yoga with people and share all the benefits that I felt from it. Because I really loved every time, I left a class I felt so freer and clear. And just in such a better mood like more I actually kind of needed it you know in a way so. For me what I like to give back to people is feeling good and feeling happy and finding themselves in a way. And I guess the question of what do I see myself as a hero, is that the question? Is hopefully a champion of that of supporting people in finding different ways to make them happy. And to feel better and find clarity and situations that are difficult. So that's me as a hero in a nutshell. I can be a happy hero care bear.

Grant Gallicano : Because like from what I know right now it's like okay the DJ, the music, the yoga. Like when I think of going to a concert it's my whole body that listens to the music. Like I'll feel the vibration of it I'll move I'll hear it and everything else there. So there's a real presence in my body experiencing these things.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, it's crazy it's definitely an energy shift like you were saying earlier. But it's really cool, the power of certain elements like this like music for example. It's very powerful I think and when you share it with people or you're in whether it's a huge concert back in the day. Or even a smaller intimate room or listening to noise cancellation headphones. Like it's I think it's it has a lot of power to move you. So for me, I just loved sharing that and meeting people who also found and enjoyed that the power of music. And enjoying and connecting in that way yeah. Okay so then maybe I also ask you. How do you see yourself as a hero or how do you try to be a hero for others.

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, if I look at that question what really pops is the idea of ​​facilitation. So the definition for me of a facilitator is someone who brings ease to others. And so when as far as being a hero goes it's the example. When I like I'll have clients calling me up and saying I'm in this pile right now please help. And there are various tools that I pull up to actually assist with basically uncovering the individual from the pile they're sitting in. And it's funny how because when I think back to my IT days when I was a computer geek. I had the benefit of being like one of the troubleshooters. So what would happen is someone would be having the worst possible miserable day because things weren't working. And I would show up and then I would alleviate whatever that was and there would be this happy individual when I left. So I've had the experience of being you know present when someone's in a state. And participating and actually moving from that state. So it gives a very uplifting exciting feeling for me it's almost like that high of it's like ooh. How do we fix this right like not to say that anything's broken it's how do we change this I guess is the better word to use there.

Lyla Senger : Or make it better.

Grant Gallicano : Well and the idea of ​​is it even better it's just a change right like from an access consciousness point of view, they try to avoid the idea of ​​right and wrong, good and bad. And even spiritual psychology has when you look at something because what we do is we see a very minor piece of it. And it's elevation and expansion to go and actually say well what else is it besides it so.

Lyla Senger : Yes, that's true.

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, the example of well maybe you missed a bus on the way to school or something like that. But then you get the next one and you meet someone that you would invest in if you caught the first one. It's like okay so maybe missing that bus

Lyla Senger : Yeah, it's always for a reason

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, and it's the idea of ​​when you're actually able to examine what's going on without a point of view of what's right or wrong. Then it opens up the possibilities of what really can be created here.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, very true we also try to stay away from labels like that. It's hard to say yeah right and wrong but change is a good adjective to use I would say. Better is always yeah, a little iffy but for me, it's always hard to stay away from it. Because I'm super type A and I'm always like okay how could I do this better. Or how can I have made this different which is maybe more of the achievements versus the grateful part of me, sometimes? Hope that makes sense.

Grant Gallicano : Very grateful

Lyla Senger : Thank you

Grant Gallicano : We've got like a few minutes left here. So I do have one interesting question for you left. Okay, and do you have a golden rule that you live by?

Lyla Senger : I always have two favorite quotes and they probably just have always stuck with me because I've said them since back when we used Myspace, Facebook profiles. But also, I just like the golden rule of I think it's for me. I always judge in the situation what I would do and how I would want to be treated. So I think it's just always important to not even treat people how you want to be treated. But also just be mindful of even when that's not the case. Because some people are just different and prefer you know everyone has different, I don't know preferences and cultural differences and whatever. So even understanding that is another maybe layer that I learned from not just the golden rule but also turning it around and remembering. Okay, it's not just about how you would be treated but also what's how does this person actually want to be treated.

And then I guess the other golden rule I would say I always maybe is I'm always a positive person at the end. So I'm always believing like if it's not okay then it's not the end so, in the end, everything will be happy and better or good. Even though those are label words. But I think that yeah hopefully once you'll figure it out in the end basically. Thank you. And okay so we have a few questions maybe I ask you what your golden rule is then before we depart.

Grant Gallicano : Well I think I got to come up with two now just because right, so you know

Lyla Senger : Sorry trying to take the spotlight.

Grant Gallicano : I'm totally teasing you! Spotlight here's part of the idea of ​​my golden rule is having fun with everything I do for me, and the people involved.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, that's nice

Grant Gallicano : And then the other golden rule I have is just to be in question. And it's like what else is literally possible here.

Lyla Senger : It's nice to have a curious mind, question everything.

Grant Gallicano : Curiosity is definitely one of the taglines I have. Yeah, we should probably be rolling it up here so I'm going to actually bring back to the Yoga Hero clothing. And I'd like to actually say thanks to Yoga Hero for actually putting this podcast on for us. Okay, I'm kind of wishing I had a more girly figure so I can actually fit into some of the Yoga Hero clothes but you know maybe for a different time.

Lyla Senger : Yeah, just do yoga two times a day and you'll get there.

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, I'll remind people of the Yoga Hero website, it's yoga dash hero.com. So yoga the minus sign hero dot com. Check it out I was actually very pleased when I saw it. Thank you very much for being here with me, Lee.

Lyla Senger : Thank you this was super fun and I'm excited to watch and have future interviews separately and together and the next one that we will be having with Aya the other interviewee and founder of Yoga Hero. So we'll definitely hear a lot more about their brand and how they started and their website. So thanks again

Grant Gallicano : Yeah, I'm looking forward to her definition of a hero because checking out like there is a section be a hero on your website which is actually neat. Yeah, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Yeah, okay thanks everyone for being here. Thank you and I'll say goodbye to Grant.

Lyla Senger : Thank you, bye everybody. Thanks for tuning in and can't wait to see you guys again soon.